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Staining your Planters


If you want your planter to be a specific color, wood stain is a great way to do it. 

Add an extra layer of protection against the elements, while enhancing the natural beauty of each cut of wood! 

We offer high quality oil based staining packages to both our product line and custom projects. 


Prices vary and are listed in each product page. 

Riverbend Planters currently offers one color option - Cedar Semi Transparent.


"Designed specifically for Canadian weather climates. Sun-drenched Summers and tough Canadian Winters - from wet coastal Vancouver Island through the frigid temperatures, snow and ice through Alberta, into the Prairies and Eastern Canada, SharkSkin® Deck & Siding stain was developed to withstand these wide ranging conditions using the latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology."

You can learn more about Sharkskin at

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